What Does MSRP Mean?

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If you’re searching for a new truck, car, or SUV in the Cabot-area, you’ve most likely noticed the sticker price quoting each vehicle’s MSRP. But what does MSRP mean, exactly? MSRP stands for “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”, which means that this is the price the manufacturer has attached to the vehicle as a suggested price. 

A manufacturer will consider several factors in determining a vehicle’s MSRP, including:

  •  The materials used to form the vehicle
  • The model’s popularity
  • Market prices
  • …And more

Get answers to all your MSRP FAQs in this quick Gwatney Chevrolet Company guide, then contact usfor a test drive! 

What Is MSRP?

What is MSRP? What does MSRP mean? Understanding Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price goes beyond learning the acronym. Often, MSRP is mentioned with other terms such as invoice price, transaction price, or base price. All of these terms relate to the recommended manufacturer dealership price for the models sold. Here are a few other MSRP-related facts that Sherwood drivers should consider when shopping for a new vehicle

  • The base price for a model, or MSRP, should remain consistent, regardless of where you choose to purchase it.However, the model’s price will change depending on which trim you’re considering, destination, handling fees, and dealer. You can find differences in the fees depending on where your dealer is located as well. 
  • It’s always wise to compare your desired model’s MSRP to the price a dealer sets. Then, find out your dealer fees and handling fees to compare them to other dealership fees in the Little Rock-area.

How Is the MSRP Determined? 

Whether you’re interested in leasing or buying a new vehicle, it’s crucial to understand what MSRP is and what MSRP means. It’s important to know what factors manufacturers use to decide what an MSRP is for a certain model. These factors can include:

  • The sales processes involved
  • The cost to build the vehicle
  • Market data
  • Average dealership markup

Here are several things you’ll want to consider: 

  • The MSRP is the price of a model’s base trim level without any additional accessories or packages. 
  • If you opt for a higher trim or special features, this will increase a vehicle’s price. 
  • Though dealers customarily price according to vehicle MSRP, this is not always true.
  • Depending on the price the dealership paid for the vehicle, the vehicle invoice price, and the most current market rates in the North Little Rock-area, a dealer may increase or decrease a vehicle’s price. 

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What does MSRP mean? What is MSRP? Now that you’ve had a chance to explore MSRP, it’s time for you to research the MSRP of the vehicle you’re interested in to ensure that you’re getting the best price around Searcy. 

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